Step by Step Login Directions
Step by Step Login Directions

1.  Log in to Online Banking using your existing username (enter in all lowercase).

2. Verify your identity by selecting one of the phone number(s) we have on file and entering the code you receive (either through voice call or text).  Please note that if you choose to authenticate via text message, your cell phone number must already be in our system.

3. Enter the last 6 digits of your SSN (or Tax ID) as your temporary password, and set up a new password.

4. Accept the Online Banking Agreement when prompted.

5.  Select eStatements and accept the new terms and conditions when prompted. If you’re not yet using eStatements, this would be a great time to enroll!

6. Delete your existing mobile app (if you’re an app user), and download the NEW mobile app in the App Store or Play Store. For your convenience, we’ve placed an app download link on our website under the Personal/ Online Banking tab.

7. Log in to the mobile app using the new password you set up in online banking.

8. If you use Online Bill Pay, review all scheduled payees and payments to ensure accuracy and make any necessary changes. 

If you experience any issues after completing the steps above, please contact your local banking center so we may assist you. 

Contact information for each of our banking centers may be found on our website at