Digital Payments | Explore Our Safe, Secure Payment Options

Pay your way with simple, secure digital payment options.  

Using your Western State Bank Mobile App you can instantly pay friends you know and trust using Zelle®, and easily pay bills using Bill Pay. To get started, simply sign up for Online Banking using a web browser. Then, download our app and log in using your Online Banking credentials. 

Make Payments from Your Mobile Device

Discover the freedom and convenience of mobile app payments. Pay bills, pay friends, and make purchases all with a few quick taps. All payment features are provided at no additional charge to Western State Bank personal banking customers. 

Bill Pay

Save money and time by cutting down on check usage and utilizing our free Bill Pay feature. Initiate one-time bill payments from your phone in a few quick taps. Or, for predictable monthly bills, you can "set it and forget it" using Bill Pay's recurring payments feature. Enroll in Bill Pay through your Online Banking account, and have easy access to payments through your mobile app.  

Person-to-Person Payments with Zelle®*

Always short on cash? Tired of keeping track of IOU's? Easily send and receive money to and from friends using Zelle, a free service for all Western State Bank personal banking customers. With Zelle, money travels directly between accounts, typically taking only minutes to deposit. It's similar to Venmo, but with Zelle your money is deposited within a few minutes without any additional fees. It's also considered safer as your funds remain protected by FDIC insurance.

*Zelle is not yet available. Coming soon to all Western State Bank customers! 

Digital Wallet Integration for Secure In-Store and Online Purchases

A digital wallet allows you to store your card information in a secure digital form on your mobile device (smart phone, tablet or smart watch). Instead of using your physical card, your digital wallet allows you to make contactless purchases in store, online, or in apps using Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, or Google Pay®. Be sure to look for the digital wallet logo or contactless symbol at checkout to ensure the vendor accepts digital payments.