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Take Control Of Your Debit Card With ‘Card Controls’
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Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2022
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Consider This Scenario

You’ve spent the last two hours searching through every department of the store to locate the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You’ve successfully checked each item off, and your work here is done. You’re feeling confident and accomplished as you head to the checkout lanes. After spending an eternity in line, it’s finally time to pay.

You reach for your debit card, and…. It’s not there.

You rummage through your wallet and the bottom of your purse. Glancing at the line of people waiting behind you, you decide to hand over your credit card instead.

But where could your debit card be?

Panic sets in. Did you drop it? Is someone using it right now? Have they already drained your bank account?

Then you remember: Card Controls!

You reach for your phone and check your text messages. You breathe a sigh of relief realizing your card hasn’t been used recently, because you would have received a text message alerting you of a purchase. However, because it’s lost, you open your WSB mobile app and turn your card off, preventing it from being used.

Crisis averted.

Now you have time to search for your card with peace of mind.

Control When, Where, And How Your Debit Card Can Be Used

Picture this: Your teenager recently opened an account and now has a debit card. You’re teaching him to use it responsibly but want an extra layer of protection. Using the Card Controls feature, you can control exactly where and how your child’s debit card can be used—including the region (zip code); merchant type (gas station, restaurant, entertainment, etc.); and even transaction type (in-store, ATM, online). You can also set spending limits to help you or your kids stay within a budget.

Receive Alerts When Your Debit Card Is Used

Rather than disabling your card or setting limits for its usage, you may elect to receive alerts. Your WSB app can notify you when your debit card is used at a specific type of merchant, used online or outside of your geographic area, or even when you reach a spending threshold (for example, purchases over $100).
 Card Controls is one of the many ways Western State Bank partners with our customers to provide a safe, efficient, and convenient banking experience. If you already have a WSB debit card and the WSB mobile app, you have access to Card Controls. For assistance with customizing your settings and enabling alerts, check out Getting Started With Card Controls, or reach out to your local banking center  for assistance.


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Article Categories: Articles
Article Tags: Fraud, Security, Debit Cards