Learn More About Loans, Banking, Fraud Prevention & More
Learn More About Loans, Banking, Fraud Prevention & More
You're probably aware that your credit score is a crucial factor in whether or not you’re approved for a loan. However, there are other factors that could increase or decrease your chances as well.
Do you know what happens to the money in your bank account if you pass away? In this blog post we cover beneficiaries, joint owners, PODs, and how to ensure your account is set up to benefit those you leave behind.
Sometimes a cosigner is needed to help a borrower obtain approval on a loan. Before agreeing to cosign for a friend or family member, be sure you know how cosigning could affect you and your financial future.
Have you ever questioned a charge on your account or received a notification for suspicious activity? Financial institutions should have processes in place to help customers with charge disputes or cases of fraud. But what is the difference between a dispute and a true fraud case? And how can you know if your funds will be reimbursed?
Bank safety has recently become a hot topic largely due to recent unexpected bank failures. While financial intuitions will continue to stress that banks are indeed safe, we understand that biased opinions are more difficult to trust. For that reason, we want to arm you, our readers, with the information necessary to decide for yourselves whether your bank is operating in a safe manner.
Garden City New Accounts Team Teaches Local Middle School Students
We have received several inquiries regarding reporting CD interest on this year's taxes. Learn more about interest rate reporting requirements and 5 additional tips from local CPAs.
In today's digital age, scams and fraudulent activities have become increasingly sophisticated, preying on individuals of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, in the past year, we've seen at least 25 customers of various ages and backgrounds fall victim to scammers. Now, we're sharing their stories as well as red flags to help you avoid becoming a victim yourself.