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Confused about a debit card charge? Here's what to do.
Posted on Wednesday, April 14, 2021
woman staring at debit card in dismay.

Online shopping saw a whopping 44% increase in 2020 over 2019. Shopping, online or in-person, has become much more  convenient with debit cards. They offer the ease of use of a credit card without overextending your financial position.


Consumers often voice concerns about potential risks of using a debit card, but fear not, your financial institution likely has a process to help you with charge disputes or cases of fraud.


Key Differences & Resolutions:


Debit Card Dispute

A business charges your card for the wrong amount after purchasing a product or service.

How to resolve it:

  1. Contact the person  or business and attempt to resolve the problem with them.
  2. Keep letters, emails, receipts, and invoices as proof you    contacted the vendor and attempted to dispute the charge. Our bank will use this evidence to help you further dispute the charges if necessary. Disputes are not guaranteed refunds.
Debit Card Fraud

A transaction came through your debit card without your permission.

How to resolve it:

  1. Call us as soon as you notice a charge you do not recognize. We will take measures to prevent further charges from being made on your card, including replacing the compromised card with a new one.
  2. Our bank will work with you and credit your account for the full amount if fraud is confirmed.


Please note cases of fraud and disputes reported after 60 days are less likely to receive a refund. We suggest monitoring your accounts regularly so you'll notice unauthorized charges soon after they happen.  Sign up for Online Banking so you can see your transactions sooner. Contact your local banking center for assistance.


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